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Best Practices

PSC Coaching

Under the auspices of the Career Guidance Cell, preparatory classes for competitive exams , specially focused on PSC Coaching , are provided free of cost by the College Management to the aspiring students on alternate Saturdays. This innovative programme was introduced to enable the industrious students to take up govt jobs on immediate completion of Degree courses. Current Affairs Quiz, General Knowledge Test etc are conducted periodically to update the knowledge quotient of the students. The Career Guidance Cell was inaugurated by Hon. Member of Kerala PSC Sri T T Ismail.

Industry - Academy Linkage

In order to revamp the study of Commerce and Management at the UG level, the college lays seminal focus on linking the theoretical knowledge of the subject gained from classroom learning with practical knowledge obtained from periodic exposure to industrial ambience so as to provide a hands-on experience of the functioning of the different wings of business organizations. The students are introduced to different types of business establishment right from I semester onwards also with the aim of sensitizing them to the need for developing the required skill sets to boost the chances of gainful employment on graduation.

In the case of BA English students with Journalism as a Complementary course, special care is taken to provide firsthand experience in all aspects of Print/Electronic/Online Journalism related to collection selection and dissemination of news.

Invited Lecture Series

One of the striking features of the times we live in , is the expanding frontiers of knowledge at an exponential pace. The conventional boundaries of discrete disciplines are blurring and blooming into new homogenous domains , keeping those scanning the horizon unable to catch up with. Against this scenario, Invited Lecture Series was introduced in the college to keep the students abreast of the latest developments in arts/commerce/ humanities /information technology etc. Well known experts from relevant domains are invited to the college to share their expertise and experience to motivate them to undertake a quest for fresh pastures of knowledge on their own.

Invited Lecture Series was inaugurated by Dr. P Anver , Secretary, Higher Education Council Kerala.


It is generally acknowledged that Undergraduates from Kerala , though strong in their hard skills , often cut a poor figure in competitive exams / interviews owing to an inadequate command of English language. Against this unfortunate backdrop, Basic English Language Test (BELT) was introduced in the college to enable the students to improve their communication skills.Along with Group Discusion , BELT is administered by English Department every fortnight to soft power the students so that they can forge ahead confidently.


Eco Guard Corps was raised in the college with a view to nurturing a generation of ecologically conscious volunteer corps wedded to the protection of the environment and committed to the preservation of a clean and green campus. Under the aegis of EGC sensitization campaignsare periodically conducted.

Education In Human Values

It is indeed a matter of grave concern for all right thinking citizens that post independent india has witnessed a steady deterioration in moral and spiritual values ,considerably degrading the tenor and temper of the life and discourse of the people. Decades back, TS Eliot , the iconic British poet , who looked into the heart of darkness of contemporary civilization lamented :

. Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
. Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

While traversing on the Information Hyperway, principles, values and ethics appear to be ebbing away from areas of our concern. The future of the world rests on nurturing a robust generation of youth, fired by abiding universal human values like Love, Truth, Peace, Righteous Conduct, Compassion etc. We, at Malabar College, are making a humble attempt to inculcate these core values in students through special discourses by eminent persons.